From the Desk of the Head

It gives me immense pleasure to introduce to you the "Department of Archaeology", KSKV Kachchh University, Bhuj. Archaeology is the study of the human past. It addresses big questions about our past that cannot be answered in other ways. As archaeologists we are interested in all aspects of the people of the past, from their diets to their beliefs, the clothes and jewellery they wore, the tools and cooking pots they used, the houses they lived in and the ways they commemorated their dead. Many of our ideas about who we are and where we belong are formed with reference to the past which means Archaeology is also about the future.

As a place to study, you will find nowhere better than Kachchh, with the city’s rich heritage and archaeology. Our strong links with historic museums, visitor attractions, archaeological resources and professional expertise will enable you to make the most of your stay here. Archaeology degree you choose, will find it is broad-based, covering humanities, sciences and social sciences. During your degree you will acquire a range of transferable skills which are highly valued by employers within and beyond the heritage sector. Our teaching staff is friendly, approachable and down-to- earth, and within our Department there is a very strong sense of community.

Dr. Subhash Bhandari

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