Department of Gujarati

Gujarati department is one of the most active departments since the inception of KSKV Kachchh University, Bhuj. In its first year only, department organized conference of Gujaratino Adhyapak Sangh. About 88 professors of various colleges and departments of Gujarati participated and presented research papers. In the same conference, Sansmruti institute conferred Dr. Jayant Khatri-Bakulesh Award in the name of Dr. Jayant Khatri, an eminent Gujarati writer.

Since 2008, the Department of Gujarati is organizing various seminars and conferences. Organizations such as; Sahitya Akademi-Delhi, Gujarati Sahitya Akademi-Gandhinagar, Gujarati Sahitya Parishad-Ahmedabad, Meghani Lok Sahitya Kendra- Rajkot, and other prestigious institutes and organizations have been supporting the cause of academic endeavours. Eminent National and International scholars and writers of Gujarati Literature have been visiting the department. The students of the department and the University have been drenched with their knowledge and expertise.

Both the faculties of the department are among the experts and scholars of the various boards and committees of various universities. They have been providing their expertise to various boards of studies, subject selection boards, Award Committees as subject experts. The Head of the Department has published seventeen books, which have received national and international acclamations. Assistant Professor of the Department is among the few scholars of the state, who is empanelled to various boards and committees across the state at various departments of Gujarati. He is one of the prominent critics of Gujarati Literature. Both the professors of the department are among the highly acclaimed academicians at national and international seminars and conferences. Their articles have been published in various prestigious journals and magazines.

At the department, M.Phil program is exploring the wider research areas of Kachchh. About forty students have successfully completed their M.Phil and submitted their dissertations. Six students have gained their Ph.D degree. The students are given exposure to various places and institutions, which enhance them with knowledge and guide to achieve success in their academic endeavours. The research horizon is not only limited to the teaching staff only, even the students are availing the fruits of their research endeavours and their articles and papers have been published in various research journals and magazines.

Thus, research and learning are explored at the department of Gujarati.

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