Women Development Cell (WDC)

About the Cell:

Krantiguru Shyamji Krishna Verma Kachchh University has a Women's Development Cell constituted under the directions of the UGC. Every college affiliated to Krantiguru Shyamji Krishna Verma Kachchh University has also been advised to constitute a similar Women's Development Cell at college level as per UGC guidelines.


The governing body has total 20 members from different walks of life like Academicians, Principals, NGO members, Advocates and Students. The Vice Chancellor will be the President of WDC.

Objective of the Cell:

There are many female members in both teaching and non-teaching departments as well as many female students on the campus. To prevent and deter any act of harassment, including sexual harassment and to provide the procedure for resolution and settlement of any harassment by taking all required steps. Women shall have right to gender equality and to work with dignity and to have a safe working environment.


Various events and activities are organized by WDC each year where participants participate with great enthusiasm. There is also an annual grand celebration on International Women's day, March 8 th on different themes. WDC also organizes annual programmes, seminars, workshops and meetings regarding Women's Development and sensitizes students towards gender equality and for that purpose invites experts or resource persons for various organisations.

List of Members

SNo Name Designation College/Uni./Org.
1 Hon. Vice Chancellor President Kachchh University
2 Dr. Darshna Dholakia Chairman Kachchh University
3 Dr. Manisha Barad Member Kachchh University
4 Dr. Jigna Kholiya Member Kachchh University
5 Dr. Shital Bati Member Kachchh University
6 Dr. Hina Gangar I/c Principal Muktjivan Mahila College
7 Mr.Paresh Raval Principal R.R. Lalan College
8 Mr.Kamlesh Budhbhatti Convenor R.R. Lalan College
9 Dr. Kashmira Mehta Convenor Kachchh University
10 Ms. Utkantha Dholakia NGO K.M.V.S.
11 Ms.Krupa Dholakia NGO Sahjivan
12 Mrs. Vimla Maheshwari Lab. Asst. Kachchh University
13 Mr. Karnik Bhatt Clerk Kachchh University
14 Mr. Albin D'Souza Student Dept. of Commerce & Management
15 Ms. Vijeta Gamit Student Dept. of Gujarati
16 Ms. Zarna Pandya Student R.R. Lalan College
17 Ms. Bhranti Vora Advocate
18 Mrs. Kruti Laher Member Women
19 Ms. Malashri Gadhavi Member Women
20 Mrs. Kunjalataben Joshi Peon Kachchh University

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