Department of Archaeology

Archaeology is the study of Understanding our past leading towards understanding ourselves. The Kachchh region in Gujarat is very rich in the cultural heritage. A number of archaeological sites of various cultural phases such as Prehistory, Proto-history, Early and Medieval historic periods are found in the Kachchh region such as Dholavira, Surkotada, Kanmer, Shikarpur, Khirsara etc.. A few Early Historic period sites such as the Buddhist Caves at Siyot and a number of monuments such as temples at Kera, Wadimedi, Lakhpat and Kotay and large number of Paliyas (Hero Stones) have also been found in the Kachchh region. Owing to this the necessity of developing an Archeological Department in K.S.K.V. Kachchh University was felt and on the same lines Department of Archaeology was established in 2011 in KSKV Kachchh University, Bhuj.

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